This healthy ginger and spice tea recipe is one that both my mom and I LOVE drinking right before bed, after a meal or, simply, just when we want a cozy pick me up during the day. I adore each of these ingredients in their own unique ways. However, I have a slight obsession with cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, I’m not even going to lie, haha!

Enjoy, and drink to your heart’s content!

What You’ll Need:


– Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial.

– Balances blood sugar levels.

– Excellent for digestion ( …which makes this tea perfect after a meal 🙂 ).


– Great for your smile! It freshens your breath, all while serving as a protective remedy for teeth and gums.

– It’s alkaline property promotes easy digestion.

– And a special fun fact: It’s the seed of different plants from the ginger root family. Who would’ve known?


– Since cloves are also known to be fantastic for reducing inflammation in the body, it makes total sense that they are amazing for the health of our skin. AMEN to this!

– High in antioxidants.

– Fights bacteria lurking within the body, which makes it another gem for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong!


– Another blood sugar stabilizer that gives this tea its full-bodied sweet flavor.

– Essential for keeping your mind sharp and focused.

– A skin health super-spice that provides us with antioxidants and anti-fungal properties.

Fresh Spring Water


Medium Sized Pot


As a disclaimer, I basically eyeball this recipe to taste. This means that this tea can be customized to your taste palette, so have fun and experiment!

First,I like to add the spices, sliced ginger and water into the pot before turning on the heat. I love a good chunk of ginger in my tea because it makes it extra spicy and invigorating. I also add two cinnamon sticks, a pinch of cardamom and a pinch of cloves.

If you’re sharing this tea with another person, I recommend using 16 ounces of fresh spring water so that both of you can enjoy two comforting cups. Otherwise, measure the water in a cup, beforehand, for your ideal amount.

Let the tea brew until boiling, with the lid on, and allow it to sit for two to three minutes. Of course, the waiting time purely depends upon how you feel that day 🙂 . However, the caveat is, the longer it seeps, the sweeter and flavorful it will be.

Once it’s ready, I prefer straining it into either a cup or an actual tea pot. Feel free to pour it directly as well.

You can re-use this batch of ginger and spices MANY times before the tea loses its overall flavor. I’ve found that this recipe yields me about three to five, sometimes more, delicious brews. On the contrary, keep in mind that any cup enjoyed after the first won’t be as intense in spicy flavor.